Basic Three Coin Method

To use the I Ching, all you need is a copy of the I Ching and three cash that have a heads and a tails aspect. You will even want a scrap of paper and a writing utensil. Start by using keeping the cash in your hand, and think of a question you would like replied. When you’ve got a clean idea of the question you would really like to invite, throw the coins. Take a study the outcomes. Each head is really worth three and every tails is well worth 2. So upload up the fee. For instance, suppose you throw the cash and the coins fall as heads and one tail. That means the whole would be eight. 3 + three + 2 = eight. So for the primary line, you would record an 8. Repeat this process five extra instances, writing the numerical values in a vertical collection from bottom to top. Once you’ve got those 6 numerical values, you are prepared to begin building your hexagram.

To construct a hexagram, you’ll in reality write a damaged line for every even value, and a solid line for each atypical fee. Once you have 6 lines, you have got made a hexagram. When your hexagram is formed, you have to now appearance it up for your reproduction of the I Ching. Usually on the very last web page of your I Ching there will be a chart that makes searching up the hexagram smooth. When you discover your hexagram, read the chapter of the I Ching that corresponds to the hexagram.

Take a have a look at your hexagram. Do you’ve got any sixes or nines? If so you will need to study the text beneath the road that is either six or 9. Usually this can be written for your I Ching as first line, 2nd line, and many others., or in a few instances it is going to be described as first six, 2nd nine, and so forth. These are known as the changing traces. The textual content this is on this segment pertains in particular to you and your query. Now you’ll make a 2d hexagram.

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